Cotton growers play a key role in protecting Australia's plant and livestock industries from pests ad diseases by implementing sound biosecurity measures on-farm.  myBMP Biosecurity module provides simple practices you can implement in your day to day operations, to improve your own biosecurity risk.  Implementing strong biosecurity measures on your farm will help protect your enterprise and the broader industry from the introduction and spread of insects, weeds and diseases.  

Biosecurity is everyone's responsibility, growers are at the frontline for early detection and immediate reporting suspect insects, weeds and disease on farms.  Australia has a world class biosecurity system, but as long as international trade and people movements occur, there will always be a risk of new plant pests entering the country.  Pests can also be spread to Australia through natural means, such as wind and water currents.

Changes to the Biosecurity legislation have been approved in NSW and QLD. The Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014 commenced on 1 July 2016. The framework will ensure that all people will have obligations to take reasonable and practical steps to prevent and minimise biosecurity risks. Further information can be found at NSW Department of Primary Industries and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.


Did you know?  In the past decade alone, we've seen the volume of air passenger grow by 80%, sea containers by 82% and bulk cargo increase by 16% - so we need legislation that not only safeguards our primary industries and our environment from increased threats of pest and disease, but also allows us to manage these threats in the most efficient way possible.