Water Management

This module is designed to help you make efficiency gains by bringing together the latest research and knowledge on water use and management. Topics range from managing and measuring water sources and collection (storages, bores, overland flow and stored soil moisture) through to field distribution.

All aspects of water application are covered including surface irrigation, centre pivot and lateral moves, drip irrigation as well as dryland water usage.

Once you have completed this module to at least Level 2, you will have achieved the following:

  • Used available tools to schedule your irrigations and monitor soil water levels;
  • Estimated your soils capacity to hold and store water for your fields and soil types;
  • Estimated your losses from storages and channels;
  • Maintained your storages to minimise leaks and seepage;
  • Maximised crop yields by understanding and managing bore water quality;
  • Identified problem areas in irrigation fields;
  • Matched your flow rates to soil, slope and run length so furrows come out evenly;
  • Planned for and installed your centre pivot or lateral move with a professional so it works effectively;
  • Ensured your drip irrigation system is operating effectively.