Pesticide Management

Storing, handling and applying pesticides correctly greatly reduces any potential negative impacts to you, your staff, your business, your neighbours and the environment. This module is designed to assist you in satisfying the legal requirements and industry best management practices that relate to pesticide management.

Once you have completed this module to at least Level 2, you will have achieved the following:

  • Created clear communication guidelines around the use of chemicals on your farm; Identified where your sensitive areas and potential hazards are with respect to chemical application/storage;
  • Developed a system where you keep adequate pesticide application records;
  • Developed procedures to ensure spraying occurs in appropriate weather conditions;
  • Implemented the practices and procedures required to reduce the risk to your staff who use chemicals;
  • Established procedures for transporting, storing, mixing, applying and disposing of chemicals safely;
  • Assessed the suitability and modified (if required) your pesticide storage facility on the farm.

*Please note growers can view checklist items, additional information and resources as well*

Key Area: Pre-season Planning and Communication

Develop a farm map to identify sensitive areas and potential hazards

Workers are trained and provided information for the safe use of pesticides

Discussion of application requirements with consultant

Discussion of application requirements with spray applicator (ground and aerial)

Discussion of application requirements with neighbours

Key Area: Product Selection and Use

Careful consideration is given when selecting and applying pesticides

Key Area: Weather Monitoring and Recording

Apply pesticides during appropriate weather conditions

Key Area: Pesticide Application Equipment

The correct application equipment and techniques are used

Key Area: Transport, Storage and Handling of Pesticides

Safe transport of pesticides

All pesticides are stored appropriately

Emergency procedures for pesticides

Mixing and loading pesticides

Key Area: Disposal of Pesticide Waste and Containers

Dispose of chemical containers and unwanted chemical appropriately