Soil Health

A healthy soil is the lifeblood of your farm.  Good soil structure and nutrition levels are one of the keys to profitable farming.

Once you have completed this module to at least Level 2, you will have achieved the following:

  • Established measures to prevent or minimise erosion in susceptible areas, including a monitoring plan to keep an eye on progress
  • Monitored  your soils for structural issues like compaction, hard setting, salinity and sodicity and adopted infield practices to minimise potential problems
  • Used soil tests and field history information to determine nutrient input requirements
  • Employed the most appropriate and efficient nutrient application methods and timing

*Please note growers can view checklist items, additional information and resources as well*

Key Area: Nutrition

Crop nutrient requirements are managed efficiently and effectively

Key Area: Nitrogen

Nitrogen use is effective and efficient

Key Area: Carbon

Management decisions and practices take into consideration the impact on soil carbon levels

Key Area: Soil Structure

Soil structure is assessed, maintained and improved

Soil salinity and dispersion risks are monitored and managed

Erosion risks are monitored and managed