Human Resources and Work Health & Safety

The HR & WHS module for myBMP now includes the areas of industrial relations and worker safety in order to assist in managing one of the most valuable assets of a farm business, the people.

Within this module is the guidance to help you firstly meet your legal obligations around employing staff, and secondly, put in place procedures to help you optimise employee productivity in a safe environment.

This module focuses on all aspects of employing staff, whether they are family members, employees or contractors. It offers practical ways to improve your ability to attract, retain, manage and protect your team.

This module is packed full of templates and resources you can download to make the job of staff management a lot easier. These include:

  • Summary of current employment legislation;
  • Draft position descriptions;
  • Templates for recruitment ads and interview questions;
  • Guidelines on what questions you cannot ask during interview (discrimination);
  • Templates for advising unsuccessful job candidates;
  • Induction templates;
  • Probation periods and reviewing performance templates;
  • Guidelines on and templates for conducting (and recording) a performance review.
  • A workplace Health and Safety Plan and Policy
  • Training requirements
  • Risk assessment to eliminate hazards in the workplace
  • Record keeping

*Please note growers can view checklist items, additional information and resources as well*

Key Area: Human Resources

A recruitment process is used to employ people

Employers ensure employees are legally entitled to work in Australia

Wages and Conditions - awards, agreements and employee entitlements are in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009

A process is in place to manage employee performance and ensure fair treatment of employees

A process is in place for ending an employee's employment

Contractors are managed appropriately

Training, career development and farm succession planning

Inductions for new employees and contractors are provided by the employer

Key Area: Work Health and Safety

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure the health, safety and welfare of workers (employees and contractors) under State Work Health and Safety law.  All cotton growers have legal obligations and duties to ensure people are not injured or harmed whilst at work

The workplace is regularly inspected to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace