Petrochemical Storage & Handling

Storing and handling petrochemicals (fuels & oils) correctly greatly reduces any potential harm or loss to you, your family, your staff, your business and the environment.

This module deals with the specific legal requirements and best practice standards for the storage and handling of petrochemicals. In some cases, WHS Legislation relies on a Risk Management approach, rather than requiring specific practices be carried out. This means that hazards must be identified, the level of risk assessed and where necessary, appropriate controls put in place. While this allows a more flexible approach to managing hazards, finding the best controls and implementing them remains a challenge.

Once you have completed this module to at least Level 2, you will have achieved the following:

  • Assessed whether your fuel and oil storage tanks are correctly designed, installed and constructed and what further work (if any) is required;
  • Ensured your high risk petrochemical storages are adequately bunded to protect the surrounding environment from potential spills;
  • Prepared and displayed an emergency plan for your petrochemical storages and handling;
  • Ensured your petrochemical waste products are disposed of appropriately; and
  • Provided advice to your farm staff as to safe handling and storage of your fuel products

*Please note growers can view checklist items, additional information and resources as well*

Key Area: On Farm Storage and Handling of Fuel and Lubricants

Fuels on farm are stored appropriately

Bulk fuel tanks are appropriately located on farm

Mobile fuel tanks are appropriately handled on farm

Lubricants are appropriately stored on farm

Waste petrochemicals are appropriately stored and disposed

Key Area: Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is managed appropriately on farm

There are appropriate petrochemical emergency procedures in place

There is appropriate petrochemical signage on farm

Spills on farm are contained appropriately

All licensing and notification requirements are met